NewtonOne Mobile Application Guide

We are proud to present our NewtonOne (N1) mobile application thanks to which you can comfortably go through the latest in your media monitoring at breakfast, on the way to work or to a meeting. Learn about all the features of N1 app that will make your work with media data much easier.

The N1 mobile application allows you to read and archive media monitoring reports (newsmails). The app notifies you about every new newsmail with a notification. You can then get a quick overview of your media coverage from a simple graph with the share of messages by media types. With one click, you can view multimedia attachments of each found mention; you can display scans of print articles or play a recording of a radio or television feature. Download our N1 app and explore all its features step by step.

Download the N1 app:



1. First login and notification settings

After downloading the N1 mobile app, it will ask you to sign in. Use the same email and password you use to log in to the NewtonOne web platform.

Automatic login in a web browser

If you have a password stored in your web browser, you can find your login information in your browser’s password manager. Search for a password for the domain:

Forgotten password

If you can’t remember your password, simply choose the “Forgotten password” option in the right corner of the app and then „Generate password“. After entering the temporary password, you will be redirected to a page where you will choose a new one. You only log in to the application once. The application will not automatically log you out.

Login with code (for „non-users“ of the NewtonOne web application)

The mobile application allows you to subscribe to a newsmail reception without the need to:

  • have login details (e-mail and password) to the NewtonOne web application,
  • be a subscriber to a newsmail (your e-mail does not have to be entered in the platform).

To generate a code for „non-users“ N1 and „non-subscribers“ of newsmails, simply enter the access code in the section User settings – Monitoring – Newsmail. The unique code is then used to log in to the mobile application (button Enter the login code on the Login page).

New newsmail notification

After logging in to the mobile app it will notify you about each newsmail with a notification on the top bar of your mobile phone. You can turn notifications on and off in the application settings manager on your device.

2. Wait for your latest newsmails to load

After logging in to N1, wait a while for the application to load your newsmails from the last two weeks. Each newsmail is distributed with a specific periodicity and at a specific time. You can find out when to receive the next newsmail under the graph area.

Are you a user of our monitoring, do you have access to the NewtonOne application, but have not received any newsmails yet? Set up the distribution

in the NewtonOne web platform.

3. Newsmail distribution settings in NewtonOne web platform

In case your N1 mobile app is not working and you aren’t receiving any newsmails, you can either contact our customer care department via chat or check your newsmail settings yourself by following the instructions below.

I. Go to user settings in the NewtonOne desktop application:

II. Make sure you have newsmail settings set up:

On the left bar, go to the „Newsmail“ tab and click on the „MY NEWSMAIL“ tab. If you see the newsmail listed below and there is „YES“ in the “ACTIVE” column, everything is fine and the newsmails should be sent to your mobile app.

III. If you do not have newsmail set up, follow these steps:

In the „Newsmail“ tab, click on „NEWSMAIL SETTINGS“. Enter any newsmail name and click the green „+“ button. This will create a new newsmail distribution scheme. Then click on the gear icon in the newsmail details bar. Next, enter the distribution time, add recipients (including yourself) and set any other required parameters for newsmail. Be sure to save all changes. Please contact our customer care in case this option is not available for you.

The distribution set-up is done, you can now await your newsmail to be delivered to the mobile app at the time of your choice. You can see when to expect another newsmail in the „OVERVIEW“ column in the NewtonOne desktop app or under the last newsmail in the N1 mobile application.

4. Main screen with an overview of newsmails and exports



After launching the N1 mobile application in the main „Newsmail“ tab, you will see a visualization of the latest mentions sorted by media types (Internet, TV, radio, press and agency news).

The first figure below the graph informs about the total number of media mentions and the number of duplicities (next to the „+“ sign). Below on the screen you will find the current history of your newsmails. By clicking on the number of media mentions, you will get a detailed overview of all found articles. Relevant messages that you save can be found in the „Bookmark“ section.


In addition to newsmails, the mobile application can also display media monitoring exports. The generation of the access code is possible in the web version of NewtonOne.

5. Newsmail detail and useful functions

In the detail of the overview of each newsmail, two main functions will help you with saving messages – swiping left and swiping right. Do you want to save the article? Hold your finger on it and drag it to the left. Do you want to remove the article from the saved ones? Hold your finger on the article one more time and drag it again.

Do you want to mark the article as read/unread? Drag it to the right to mark it as read. And one more time to mark it again as unread.

The N1 mobile application is synchronized with the NewtonOne web platform. Articles that you mark as read / unread are read/unread in the web version of NewtonOne too.

Similarly saved articles in the „Bookmark“ section will be displayed in the automatically created „Saved for Later“ folder in the NewtonOne web platform.

From the detail of the article in your N1 mobile app, you can easily switch to other messages from your newsmail. Use the arrows in the upper right corner to move between messages.

6. Mentions in pre-selected topics even offline

The order of the articles in each newsmail reflects the topic structure of your monitoring. You can have a look at mentions found only in one topic by selecting it in the top bar. You can also view the articles (regardless of the topic) offline, however, this does not apply to the multimedia attachments.

7. Multimedia attachments, sharing with colleagues and translations of articles

The detail of each message in the N1 mobile application is always accompanied by a multimedia attachment – a preview of an online article, a scan of a print article or an audio or a video recording. For example, you can watch a report on TV that mentions your keyword directly on your mobile phone. You can then share the media output with your colleagues via the share icon in the lower-left corner.

Impossible to view multimedia attachments? Download MX Player to play every recording without any problems.

Do you have any problems with the N1 mobile app or ideas on how we can improve it? Get in touch at

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