Searching Made Faster and More Accurate

Searching Made Faster and More Accurate

If your reputation is at stake, you don’t have to fight tonnes of media deadweight. Instructions issued by corporate managements to their press departments tend to be similar in most firms and state institutions. Don’t let the track run cold and be prepared to react anytime. What’s at stake might be a firm’s good name or a minister’s repute. Some affairs are hot, stoked by hundreds of press articles and many radio and TV broadcasts. They are rekindled by influential news websites, but some stay dormant for years, only to resurface in the wake of fresh information.

The management wants their PR team to ensure that people follow a media case curve in its entirety and react on the strength of relevant information. Many teams would find it hard, in the past, to find access to media data. The shorter the time spent hunting for accessible information about a case, the more time is left to ponder the essential—namely, how to react in public to an event.

Hence the surging demands for technologies that can make the user’s access to information from the media content database easier and faster. It won’t do to only have access to the media archive when that’s needed, but one has to have instant access that could be readily used. After years of relative calm, things seem to have set in motion. NEWTON Media, which takes pride in the largest media database on the Czech market, was first to respond to the demand. Global CEO Petra Mašínová has indicated that now the main thrust is to prevent customers from being choked by media data but to help them retrieve the information they need at any time, pure and simple.

Therefore NEWTON now presents a novelty on its technological background, replacing the old approach to the archive by the modern contraption, ElasticSearch. “The new search engine dispenses with the shortcomings of the extant system; it is more user-friendly and employs a slightly changed question syntax,” says Global CEO of NEWTON Media group Petra Mašínová. “The search will be more accurate and faster even for longer periods and with more general keywords specified. We place emphasis mainly on simplicity and the relevance of stories found.” The trick is not to have all information in one bundle, but to easily access the essentials anywhere on line and intuitively proceed to the desired content.

Automatic grammatical word flexion is a matter of course and our technology can cope even with complex word constructions and as a bonus, a graph enables tracking the media focus on an event in time.
ElasticSearch synchronizes results according to the relevance of the story and can formulate a smart annotation from the key portion of the text. Even in the field of searching through media archives it cherishes user comfort as the best thing.

This is probably the start of a more hectic era of working with aggregate media information. NEWTON Media’s new ElasticSearch engine is a challenge to would-be competitors. It paves the way to many further innovations in the use of the unique MediaSearch archive, which enables monitoring not only the input from hundreds of news websites and national and regional print media, but also much-sought-after transcripts of the main TV and radio broadcasts.
Yet this surely is not the last word. This area poses ever new challenges, such as an easier way of discerning which spokesman/woman got more levy on TV or radio, or the authors’ and media units’ position on selected news stories. According to Petra Mašínová, the new MediaSearch is but the first in the series of major changes to be included by NEWTON Media in a new application, tentatively scheduled for the start of next year. Better access to media data, including social services and analysts, will make the life of NEWTON clients easier.

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