Media Analysis od the Czech Brewery Market

Media Analysis od the Czech Brewery Market

The analysis deals with media coverage of the 10 largest breweries active on the Czech market and it is based on monitoring of print media and advertising. It has reached a conclusion, among others, that there is no universal direct proportion of breweries’ beer production and scope of their media coverage and that sport sponsoring is the strongest type of media promotion used by breweries.

Correlation of breweries beer production and media coverage

The media analysis has shown that the chart of ten breweries with the biggest beer production and media coverage active on the Czech market is dominated by companies with foreign owners. The only exception is represented by Budweiser Budvar, the production of which is behind Urquell, Heineken, and Staropramen, but the volume of media coverage puts it to the second place behind Urquell. Pilsner Urquell has six times bigger media coverage than Budvar and almost ten times bigger than third Staropramen and about eleven times bigger than fourth Heineken. As far as beer production is considered, its dominance is not so visible, second Heinken has just by about a half lower production than Urquell. And it is therefore obvious that there is no clear correlation of beer production and media coverage of the largest market players.

Main types of media coverage of the largest players on the Czech beer market

The absolute dominance of Pilsner Urquell’s media coverage in 2013 was caused to a great extent by sport sponsoring. Presence of one of the brewery’s brands in the name of the soccer league (Gambrinus liga) brought as much as 68 percent of its media coverage. Budvar arena in Ceske Budejovice has a similar, although not such significant impact on media coverage of Budvar (44 percent). The biggest media coverage of Heineken is generated by brands Zlatopramen, Starobrno, and Krusovice, Staropramen benefits mainly from its main brand of the same name (63 percent of its media coverage) and its additional media activity (e.g. Branik) is smaller.

30.pngTop 10 breweries in terms of the biggest media coverage (2013 except for December) and beer production (2012)

From the fifth place in the chart, beer production and amount of media coverage begins to be much more balanced. These are mainly breweries of Czech owners. They are led by LIF breweries with its flagship brand Svijany (43 percent of media coverage) followed by Bernard and its strong media coverage. Volumes of media coverage of Lobkowicz Breweries (e.g. Platan, Lobkowicz, Cerna hora) and PMS Prerov (e.g. Zubr, Holba, Litovel) are smaller than their productions which are fifth and seventh. Similarly, at the end of the chart, there is Nymburk Breweries (e.g. Postrizinske pivo) which has bigger media coverage than Budejovicky mestansky pivovar (Budejovice City Brewery), which however has larger beer production.

The most important types of media coverage

The last brewery has the biggest media coverage in national press thanks to non-alcoholic Pito and beer novelties. With the exception of Budejovicky mestansky pivovar, distribution of media coverage of all remaining breweries is basically similar. Budejovicky mestansky pivovar differs thanks to the biggest share of media coverage in national dailies (16 percent) which is brought by its brand Pito and a higher share of internet media coverage (39 percent). The profile of Lobkowicz Breweries has a higher share of media coverage in press, too (13 percent) and so do breweries of the LIF holding (11 percent). The case of mould in Svijanska knezna also brought the proportionally biggest audiovisual coverage to the brewery. Besides Budejovicky mestansky pivovar, Pilsner Urquell (32 percent) and breweries of Heineken group (31 percent) also had a high share of online media coverage.

31.pngPercentage share of media coverage of 10 largest Czech breweries in 6 most important media types in 2013. The monitoring tracked names of the companies and relevant beer brands

Chart of breweries by advertising expenses

Pilsner Urquell invested easily the highest sum in advertising (CZK 400 million) which corresponds with its obvious lead in media coverage as well as beer production. The second largest brewery in terms of beer production, Staropramen, has returned to its position in terms of advertising expenses, too (CZK 276 million), followed by the third largest advertiser Heineken (CZK 168 million). Budweiser Budvar, which has registered the second biggest media coverage this year, returns to the fourth place which reflects its production (CZK 102 million). The gap between the four largest breweries and breweries with mainly Czech owners increases even more as far as advertising expenses are considered than in case of media coverage. As expected, Bernard and Lobkowicz posted medium advertising expenses (both CZK 14 million), LIF and PMS Prerov advertise the least (CZK 9 and 7 million). The fifth position behind the leading four breweries is surprisingly occupied by Budejovicky mestansky pivovar (CZK 19 million), which is the second last in terms of media coverage.

32.pngAdvertising spending (CZK million) of Top 10 breweries by media coverage in 2013. Source: Admosphere, s.r.o.

Correlation of spontaneous and directed (paid for) media coverage

An interesting view is offered by a comparison of spontaneous (number of stories in media) and directed (number of ads) coverage of breweries in press, on the internet, television and radio. While in case of Pilsner Urquell, spontaneous coverage prevails (60-40 percent), which is caused among others by contribution of its sport sponsoring, other breweries of the leading four advertised much more than they were covered by media. The biggest dominance of paid-for coverage against spontaneous coverage was registered by Staropramen (93 – 7 percent). Brewery companies LIF (87 – 13 percent), PMS Prerov (80–20) and Lobkowicz (89 – 11 percent) were very active from this point of view, too. Bernard and Nymburk Breweries did not advertise so much and spontaneous media coverage played the main role for these breweries (84 and 77 percent).

33.pngThe graph compares spontaneous media coverage of breweries in print, on the internet, television and radio in 2013 (except December) and the volume of directed coverage, which the breweries put in the same media types in a form of paid-for advertisements. Media coverage is defined by the name of the brewery and its relevant beer brands. Source of advertising data: Admosphere, s.r.o.
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