Comparison of Facebook Communication of Three Largest Mobile Carriers

Comparison of Facebook Communication of Three Largest Mobile Carriers
Jan Jüptner, Ph.D.

The three largest mobile carriers on the Czech market, O2, T-Mobile, and Vodafone, were among the first companies to incorporate social networks in their communication portfolios. Today, the number of their Facebook fans reaches hundreds of thousands and this analysis by NEWTON Media uses a series of commented infographics to compare basic parameters of Facebook communication of all these three major brands.


Communication activity and fans’ engagement

In the monitored period (March 2012–March 2013), a total of 927 stories were published on Facebook profiles of the carriers. In terms of the number of published stories, Telefonica O2 was the most active, as it published a total of 44 percent of the stories. T-Mobile was the least active one from this point of view as it had just 16 percent the stories but, on the other hand, it was the best one in terms of involvement of its fans. Although it publishes the least of all the carriers, it got the highest share of total engagement (44 percent).

The most popular content types

While Vodafone and O2 prefers using photographs (they represent around 50 percent of the published stories and generate about the same volume of engagement), T-Mobile’s communication is dominated by videos. “Zadar’s videos” represented 24 percent of all T-Mobile’s communication and they were able to provide 77 percent of all engagement.

Frequency of communication

Communication during workdays is almost evenly distributed in case of all carriers and there are no stronger and weaker days. On weekends, Telefonica O2 is the most active as on Saturdays and Sundays, it publishes just by a third lower number of stories than on workdays. Vodafone focuses rather on Sundays and T-Mobile does not find weekends important.

During the day, O2 focuses on morning hours (10 a.m.–12 p.m.), Vodafone has the strongest hour at 4 p.m. and T-Mobile is the most active in afternoons, between 3 and 6 p.m.

14_2.pngMethodology: Data source – The data was collected between March 2012 and March 2013. Closing date – April 1st, 2013. Stories published on the Facebook wall are considered as carriers’ stories. Reactions to stories by other users are not included. The category of engagement includes likes, shares, and comments by fans reacting to the posted stories.
Publikováno: 10/15/2014
Jan Jüptner, Ph.D.


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