Petra Mašínová Named to Co-chair the AMEC European Chapter

Petra Mašínová Named to Co-chair the AMEC European Chapter

Petra Mašínová, Global CEO of NEWTON Media group, together with Jeroen Scholten, founder and CEO of Publistat from the Netherlands, became new co-chairs of the European Chapter of AMEC - the international association for the evaluation and measurement of communication.

“I am delighted at the prospect of working with two senior figures in our industry. The European Chapter has a key part to play in AMEC’s continued expansion,” says Barry Leggetter, CEO of AMEC.

AMEC – a London-based international association – is the global trade body and professional institute for agencies and practitioners who provide media evaluation and measurement of communication. AMEC currently has more than 120 members in 41 countries worldwide.

Petra Mašínová, who is already AMEC Board Member, will be – jointly with Jeroen Scholten – co-chairing the AMEC European Chapter of the next 12 months. Both companies - NEWTON Media and Publistat – belong to AMEC members, actively participating in the international sharing of their expertise and articulating international standards in the area of analysis and communication measurement.

About NEWTON Media 

NEWTON Media is the largest provider of media monitoring and analysis in Central Europe, with a tradition dating back to the 1995. We operate in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. NEWTON Media´s monitoring and analysis cover both "traditional" media and internet as well as social networks. The company owns the largest media archive in Central Europe, extending into 1996. Our clients also benefit from early warning services in crisis communication, advertising monitoring and the training in social networks. Product portfolio of value-added services includes combined analysis based on data from media and from various other sources, strategic consulting and implementation of recommendations in order to enhance our clients’ competitiveness. NEWTON Media provides services with cross-border and multi-lingual outreach. We are members of international professional associations FIBEP and AMEC and share media content with other agencies from around the world.

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