NEWTON Loves Startups

NEWTON Loves Startups

NEWTON Media has voted to create a premium offer for startups. Being a technology-oriented firm, NEWTON endeavours to encourage the growth of a new economy and enable startup firms to use media data of quality.

Up and coming businesses, just like the established firms, can greatly benefit from the data provided by the media environment. They can obtain a lowdown on their media image, competitors, and business trends in their field. Monitoring will help them analyze and evaluate data to develop a more premeditated strategy. Of course, a startup’s financial strength differs from a firm with years of successful operation on the market.

Prague, Brno and other places around the Czech Republic are the home of dynamic young talent, adept in IT and areas beyond this field. Our Media Intelligence Package with a special 55.5-percent price cut is targeted on startups.

As shown by the graph, the startup theme has become a hot issue in the Czech media, in the past five years.

Graf Start-upy.JPG

NEWTON Media has its international dimension and the data does not have to arrive solely from the Czech Republic. At present we operate on eight European markets. “The economy needs new energy and we want to help make the initial steps easier for these young firms. An easier access to quality media data can demonstrate the virtues of good information for a successful business,” says Global CEO of NEWTON Media group Petra Mašínová.

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