Company history

History of the company

The most important events in the history of NEWTON Media

At the beginning of the year, NEWTON Media expands its product portfolio with a unique TVR Alerts service and becomes the first provider to offer such solution in the Czech Republic. TVR Alerts, a part of the new online application NewtonOne, monitors TV and radio broadcast in real time. Within a few minutes after spotting preselected keywords on the air, the system creates a three-minute long recording of the given radio or TV broadcast and sends an immediate notification directly to the user via phone or e-mail.

In May 2017, NEWTON Media succeeds again in the competition of the world’s best communication teams, media and PR agencies and digital consultancies, when it is presented with the prestigious AMEC Awards and wins Gold for the Best measurement of a business to business campaign and Bronze for the Best use of integrated communication measurement/research.

NEWTON Media's activities in the Adriatic region are unified under a common brand. In June, the Balkan MCA Grupa changes its name to NEWTON Media SEE.

In September, NEWTON Media participates in the AMEC’s global series of workshops for the first time and hosts a Measurement Month event in Prague. A lecture focused on evaluation of communication effectiveness is led by Philip Lynch, CEO of London NEWTON Insight and an experienced professional in media intelligence.

NEWTON Media wins a tender from European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for media monitoring and analysis. It now works in conjunction with Socialbakers providing analyses to the European Commission Directorate-General for Communication. NEWTON Media wins the AMEC Awards 2016 prize in the category Best Measurement of a Business to Business Campaign for its analysis for the Czech National Bank. Věra Lhotská takes the helm as the new CEO for NEWTON Media Czech Republic in January and company founder and Chairman of the Board Petr Herian steps up as CEO for the NEWTON Media Group in September.

NEWTON Media celebrates its 20th anniversary by organizing the NEWTON Summit about current and future developments in media in the Czech Republic and around the globe. In the fall the NEWTON Media Group introduces ElasticSearch technology to improve search time and function for precise, relevant information from the largest media database in Central Europe.

2014 is a year of important changes for NEWTON Media. A change took place in the management, with Petra Mašínová assuming the post of CEO. The company became member of the professional association AMEC and carried out two major foreign acquisitions. It bought the media monitoring division of the press agency SITA, Slovenská tlačová agentúra a.s.. Furthermore, it purchased a controlling stake (51.4939 %) in the company MCA Grupa d.o.o. (nowadays NEWTON Media SEE), the media monitoring and analysis market leader in Southeastern Europe, from Pristop Skupina d.o.o. company.

The innovations the company had fine-tuned in the previous period were introduced to the market. A new Internet application was developed for media monitoring, the crucial product of NEWTON Media, the social network monitoring capacities were strengthened and the offer of educational services was extended. A new site was created as a platform for the publication of media analyses, comments and other topical content.

A change took place in the shareholder structure of NEWTON Media. From this year, 95 % shares are owned by the company's founder, Petr Herian, and the remaining 5 % by Petr Pazour. NEWTON Media continued intensively working on the innovation of its techniques and technologies and on strengthening the company's flexibility.

In October, NEWTON Media purchased the 100 % stake in Anopress IT, a.s. company from the Swedish group Bisnode AB. The acquisition of Anopress IT represented an important impulse for further development of NEWTON Media group, which thus further reinforced its position on the Central European media monitoring and analysis market.

In April 2010, NEWTON Media presented a new product to its clients: Advertisement Monitoring, which searches for advertisement articles on selected topics in the Internet milieu.

In June, the company newly concluded partnership with the prestigious foreign agency REUTERS. It thus offered its clients a new source of information that provides them with up-to-date, unique and trustworthy news from all over the world. The service of REUTERS agency is appreciated above all by large banking institutions, companies with foreign participation or PR agencies.

In September, the company introduced a highly topical product – Social Network Monitoring. This tool provides the customers with information about how their person, company, the rival brands or marketing campaigns are presented and discussed within the framework of the social networks. When launched, the monitoring concerned Facebook and Twitter in Czech, Slovak and Polish languages. Other social networks, such as Google Plus, LinkedIn or YouTube, were added in the following years.

In reaction to the expansion of Internet news websites, NEWTON Media started to provide the service monitoring Czech and foreign Internet news media under the name NEWTON News in September 2009.

NEWTON Media organised the 42th monitoring agency congress FIBEP in Prague. The important event was attended by the representatives of monitoring companies from more than 40 countries of the world. The topic of their meeting was partnership and trust between the authors of copyright-protected data (publishers, broadcasters, TVR, websites,...) and the monitoring companies.

In July, the companies NEWTON Media, a.s. and Mediaresearch, a.s. founded a subsidiary company named Admosphere, s.r.o. The company is focused exclusively on the provision of complex advertisement monitoring in the Czech Republic (press, TV, radio, Internet, outdoor, instore, cinema, OOH TV).

The company NEWTON Technologies, a.s., which specialises in voice recognition systems, is founded in October. The company uses and further develops voice technologies based on an exclusive licence contract with the Technical University of Liberec.

The companies NEWTON I.T. and NEWTON Media, a.s. merged in 2007. Both companies ceased to exist, and the successor company NEWTON Media, a.s. was founded. Within the framework of the rebranding, NEWTON Media, a.s. presented not only a new corporate identity, but also a number of innovated services.

A change of the company's property structure took place. NEWTON I.T. became an independent subject, no longer with a property relationship to ČTK.

A new generation of media archive named MediaSearch was introduced, confirming the advanced level of the company's technologies.

By opening a branch in Poland, the company strengthened its leading position on the Central European media monitoring and analysis market.

NEWTON I.T. became member of the professional organisation FIBEP (Fédération Internationale des Bureaux d`Extraits de Presse), the association of more than eighty most important media monitoring companies from all over the world.

A team of specialists developed an original media analysis methodology.

NEWTON I.T. opened a branch in Slovakia.

NEWTON I.T. was one of the first companies in the world to launch the operation of its own Web platform for media monitoring and work with the monitored data.

The company launched monitoring of news on Internet websites.

NEWTON I.T. became the leader of the Czech media monitoring market with the biggest archive of electronically processed information.

ČTK (Czech Press Agency) bought into NEWTON I.T., becoming its strategic business partner. The combination of the two sources of information enabled their clients to work in an internally developed unified user environment with full texts of most of the domestic print or electronic media, selected foreign periodicals, transcripts of news and journalistic radio and television programmes and the press agency news.

NEWTON I.T. launched an electronic full text story archive created in cooperation with the editorial teams of newspapers and magazines. A database of transcripts of news, journalism and discussion radio and television programmes came into existence at the same time.

An independent subject named NEWTON I.T. was singled out as a subsidiary company of NEWTON Financial Management group. This company was focused exclusively on the collection, processing, storing, search and distribution of information from the media in both electronic and printed form.

The company NEWTON Financial Management group was established in 1994 with the aim to offer new services for efficient management of company portfolios. Robust information background was one of the pillars on which the founders of the company decided to build the value of their services. A department specialised in the collection, classification and analysis of relevant information gathered from all available sources was created within the company. A unique electronic archive of information sources as well as the team of professionals dealing with data processing was growing and further developing in the subsequent years.


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