Big Four, Welcome!

How are you doing in terms of sustainability? We have looked at key media metrics for you:

BigFour udrzitelnost

Over 2.5 thousand articles per year with impact of almost 1000 GRPs!


How were you doing compared to your competitors

Which “sustainability media cases” of your competitors were the most prominent

And what was your biggest media success?


The graph shows the share of a company on the overall media impact in relation to the “Big Four” and its sustainable activities.

PwC is the leader


Media coverage of PwC has recorded the highest impact. Each inhabitant of the Czech Republic older than 15 years of age had an opportunity to see almost 4 media outputs mentioning PwC in relation to sustainability.

Deloitte and EY were similarly successful as PwC, but KPMG lagged in this regard. 

KPMG was the most visible in March, especially thanks to its Global Automotive Executive Survey 2021.

The graphs show the impact (GRP) of media outputs concerning sustainability, as well as the topic’s development in time over the last 12 months.


Leaving Russia, electromobility, women at work and whistleblowing


By leaving Russia, the Big Four has defended itself from the risk of reputation collapse and being seen as non-responsible and non-sustainable. 

For each of the companies, the media impact of this decision reached around 20 GRPs

What other sustainable topics did your competitors score with? We present an overview of two „sustainability media cases“ with the highest media impact.



The graph shows the media impact (GRP).


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